RV/Offgrid Incinerator Toilet Reviews: Best Toilet That Burns Waste

Looking for an effective waste solution in the form of an incinerating toilet for your offgrid cabin or RV? No fear, The Dream Toilet team has got the poop-scoop for you! In this article we’re going to discuss the best toilets for burning waste, and find the best waterless incinerating toilet to handle your waste without wasting water.

First off: What makes the best incinerating toilet?

When you’re going to be burning your waste to save electricity and water, you want to make sure your toilet has a few features.

  • It must burn all waste effectively
  • It shouldn’t smell
  • It should be efficient
  • It should be comfortable and easy to use

How Do Incinerating Toilets Work And Why Are They So Great

Incinerating toilets light your poop on fire to turn it into ash. They are an eco-friendly alternative to composting toilets for people who don’t want to handle their own doo doo. They’re great for off-grid campers because you don’t need to find water or waste water, as long as you have an electricity source.

How Are They Different from Composting Toilets

With a composting toilet, you have to remove your waste yourself and all of the solids and liquid still exist upon disposal. By burning all of the waste, you don’t have to deal with any of this. You also don’t have to deal with a septic tank, or dumping a black tank if you’re in an RV.

That’s pretty much it. So what are the top contenders for the best incinerating toilets?

The Best Incinerating Toilets

  1. The Incinolet
  2. The Cinderella
  3. The portable EcoJohn Incinerating Toilet

We will have more information on which toilet to choose for your needs shortly, but for now these are the only ones we can find in North America!

What is your favorite type of eco-friendly toilet? Have we mentioned it here or are we missing one? Do tell and we’ll update this post!