Nature’s Head Composting Toilet Review

Welcome to our reviews of Nature’s Head composting toilets!

Nature’s Head is one of the most popular and highly rated composting toilet companies. Their self contained options are perfect for RVs, tiny houses, and even boats. When discussing composting toilets, you’ll usually hear Nature’s Head come up.

The look of Nature’s Head composting toilets are designed to be stainless, modern, similar to a real toilet, and durable. You can get off the grid in style and comfort with one of these toilets in your bathroom. They are extremely easy to maintain, surprisingly simple to use, and the clean up is no mess, no fuss. You can use toilet paper in these toilets if you want, and when installed properly, there are no issues with smells or bugs.

This brand has two options: the regular composting toilet and the dry composting toilet.  The difference is that they have two different types of handles, but they fulfill the same purpose. The dry composting toilet is better for those with a larger space for their toilet; the small space spider-handle design is for those who have smaller spaces, like RVs and boats.